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Terms and Conditions

The Rev Barbell Club Athlete Agreement – Waiver and Terms and Conditions

  1. Assumption of injury
    I understand that any physical activity and in particular weightlifting, has a significant risk of injury. I will not hold The Rev Barbell Club or any coaches responsible for any injury which may occur. I agree to communicate any injuries that may have occurred to coaches immediately. I agree to follow guidance and perform any rehab or warmup tasks given to me by the coaches of The Rev Barbell Club.
  2. Photo Release
    I understand that while training at The Rev Barbell Club, my photo may be taken for promotional purposes, I agree to these photos being used in this manner.
  3. Community Guidelines
    I agree to abide by the community standards of The Rev Barbell Club:
  • To show respect to all of my team members
  • To show respect to equipment and the facility
  • To leave the platform in a better condition than when I started
  • To be mindful of other members of the gym and coaches. This includes but is not limited to; appropriate music selection and volume, language
  • To respect coaches’ knowledge and coaching ability. To not undermine coaches and leave the coaching of athletes to the coaches