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About Rev

Our Vision

We believe that anybody who is committed to bettering themselves, regardless of their current level or ability, should have access to a facility that caters to them in the most professional way possible.We believe that strength should be the building block to health and performance, both on the platform and in everyday life.We believe that a great facility needs to be built on a foundation of education and community

Amazing Community

Every gym will tell you that their community is the best but ours is different. Rather than building our community around social activities, we build ours on hard work and mutual respect.

Surrounding yourself with others who genuinely want to see you succeed is like nothing else.


Professional Coaches

All of our coaches are experienced specialty weightlifting coaches and successful athletes in their own right. While it is not essential to be an athlete to be a good coach, an understanding of the process is essential. All of our coaches work together as a cohesive unit to make sure the athlete gets the best results possible.

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