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A facility and culture built around helping you becoming the most complete olympic weightlifter possible. Whether you’re a beginner or with years of experience under your belt. We’re here to ensure you can acheive your best.


5 Star Reviews and Counting

Fantastic Facility. Rev Barbell is taking Perth weightlifting to the next level by providing a World Class space for weightlifting with IWF spec equipment.

Barbell Club Memberships

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Personal Training

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Sharpen That Technique?

Snatch Clean and Jerk Short Courses

Build the foundation for excellence.

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Limited to 12 People. Our Short Course Sell Out Fast, Get in Quick!

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Memberships Designed for Growth

No matter your expirience level, we have a membership for you which get's you surrounded by like minded people who are excited about your growth.

Open Gym Facilities

We have a fully equiped Open Gym facility designed to build the strength and power you need to perform at your best.
Open gym also grants you access to our complete weightlifting platform room while classes are not on.

Personal Trainers & Weightlifting Experts

Get personal training from some of Perth's most experienced and accomplished personal trainers in the weightlifting space.

Whether you're after a complete individualized program with in-person coaching or something you can do on you're own, we can help.


If your goals are to complete in weightlifting, no matter experience level, we can help create the pathway for you to perform at our best.

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Everything you Need to Perform at Your Best

Our entire facility is designed to give you everything you need to help you become your best in weightlifting and performance.

Tailored Weightlifting Programs

Programs designed for every experience level, time commitment and goal.

Seminars & Workshops

Ant regularly hosts sell-out Snatch and Clean and Jerk Workshops and runs the biggest weightlifting competitions in the state.

Online Community Platform

Along side the gym, we have an online portal which gives you access to our online community to help you stay consistent and engaged with your goals.

Awf Qualified Coaches

All of our coaches are AWF qualified so they can be there at compeitions with you.

Showers & Change Rooms

You will have access to our complete private bathroom facilities.

Amazing Community

Our culture is built around respect, encouragement and growth.

Not sure where to start?

Snatch, Clean and Jerk Short Courses

Our Short Courses Run approximately 3-4 times per year and sell out every time! Running over consecutive Sundays and limited to 12 people. These intensive courses all but guarantee Athletes walking away with improved technique and Personal Bests!

Snatch, Clean and Jerk Short Courses

Build the foundation for excellence in weightlifting

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