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What is Weightlifting

What is Weightlifting

Weightlifting (one word) is the sport of lifting weights seen at the Olympics.

Often referred to as Olympic Weightlifting, Oly Lifting or even simply “Oly”, Weightlifting competition is comprised of two lifts, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

During competition, lifters take three attempts in each lift to record the highest total possible. In the Snatch, the bar must move from the floor to above the head in one motion and the clean and jerk is a two part lift, first travelling from the floor to the shoulders in one motion, then from the shoulders to above head in one motion.


Training for Weightlifting

Training for competition includes the above lifts plus lots of accessories – squats, press, pulls, deadlifts, plyometrics and technical drills to name a few.

Weightlifting combines strength, speed, power, co-ordination and flexibility all at once and is often used by Elite Athletes for both explosive and functional strength.

At the Rev Barbell Club, we train a broad range of athletes, from those not wishing to compete and just training for fun to athletes hoping to improve their performance in their given sport, all the way to competitive weightlifters aiming for national and international competitions!

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