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REVBARBELL ONLINE – Foundation 4-Day Program

Designed for you to work at your own pace and build a strong Foundation in the Olympic Lifts.



  • 12 weeks Long
  • 3 Specific Phases of Training
  • In-Depth “See It Coached” Videos
  • Specific “How To” videos for this exact program
  • For anyone looking to build a strong foundation in the olympic lifts

The foundation programs are designed to provide athletes with a solid base for their weightlifting journey, whether they are just starting out or seeking a new approach to their training. These programs focus on perfecting the positions necessary for success in the lifts, establishing solid movement patterns, and developing general strength (without targeting specific weaknesses).


Ant’s philosophy of delivering exceptional value, simplifying the delivery, tailoring services to individuals, and maintaining an unwavering attention to detail is what has brought success to The Rev Barbell Club and the Athletes within.

Initially hesitant to provide online programs, Ant believed that the program itself wasn’t the critical factor in success; rather, it was how athletes completed the program.

However, recognising the need to reach those unable to attend in-person sessions, Ant brought his philosophy to an online model.

This innovative service delivers a level of quality that isn’t commonly seen in online programs.