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May 10, 2023

Dear Valued Members,

Due to a growing number of repeated membership dishonoured payments, we need to make changes to the payment process when defaults occur.

We have moved to this current, somewhat manual system to avoid extremely high dishonour fees charged to members. Previous systems had also seriously let us down with inaccurate reporting of missed payments, costing the gym thousands in missed and unaccounted for payments.

Initially, with this system, dishonoured membership payments were few and far between, but as time has passed with no recourse, the number of missed payments, and in particular consecutive payments, has increased drastically, along with the administration time needed to process and follow up with these payments.

We understand that life gets in the way, and missed payments may happen from time to time. To show that this is not an extra charge for profit, we will be applying a penalty fee of $25, but only for consecutively missed payments and after a free pass.

Here is the new process starting today, May 10th, 2023, with all members starting with a blank slate.

As stated above, this is only to encourage members to have their payments processed on time. If you ever experience financial trouble, please let us know ahead of time, and we will always be flexible when people talk to us before the fact.

Unfortunately, payment days cannot be moved, and payments will always be processed around 8am on Wednesday mornings.

A reminder that also, any holds and cancellations need to be processed through the correct forms as per your membership agreement, this form can be found in your app under resources. While we endeavour to help where ever possible, managing nearly 120 members, conversations on the fly while coaching will often be forgotten and thats why we have these processes.

I have created some google calendar events that you can add your own calendars to help you make sure you have sufficient funds in your accounts when payments are processed.


FORTNIGHT TWO (May 10, May 24, June 7 etc.)

FORTNIGHT ONE (May 17, May 31, June 14 etc.)

Thank you for your co-operation in this.

Ant 🐜