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Bringing the Excitement to Weightlifting Competition!



  • Entries Close on July 7
  • 30 Early Bird places available – until April 14 or Sold Out.
  • Comp Date: July 21
  • Soft Suits are NOT required.
  • Round Robin lifting format, no need for an experienced coach.
  • $80 Entry.
  • $500 for First, $200 for Second and $100 for Third Place Female and Male.
  • Limited to 60 people only.

40 in stock


We have three clear goals with our Rookie Showdown.

  • To give everybody who trains the Olympic Lifts an opportunity to lift in competition with a simplified ruleset to take the intimidation out of the process and without having to register with a club and federation.
  • To showcase our beautiful sport with a faster paced, more spectator friendly format.


The competition runs in a round format. All lifters will supply their opening attempts at weigh in and then the order will be set based on lightest to heaviest attempts. There will be a 1 minute window in between each round of attempts to get your next attempt in. The process continues for the third attempt.

This format takes the pressure off athletes needing to be able to count the board and have a coach on hand to assist them. Also, there is no following yourself, which is a welcome relief to many novices!

Our expert loaders will have the bars changing quickly and attempts flying through.

Ongoing music and MC will keep the comp in high energy throughout – no big stalls like we can see in some local comps!

There will be Male and Female 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes based on Sinclair for Rookies and an overall Male and Female prize for the Ranked athletes.

Soft Suits are NOT required.

Entires will be $80 per person.

Tickets are strictly NON REFUNDABLE, they can be passed onto someone else though.